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The electric light bulb did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.

Oren Herari


Network Youth Church is a new way of doing and being church with young people across Cumbria today. It’s a space which is safe and welcoming, but doesn’t shy away from the big questions of life. It’s a space which encourages confidence, participation, understanding and growth. It’s a space where young people can meet and journey together. It’s a space that’s inclusive, where who you are is valued, and where people learn from each other. It’s a space where young people can be themselves, where community happens, real relationships are forged and where church is re-imagined in a fun, creative and modern way.

NYC works with a big picture mentality and in an open and inclusive way. It’s about helping young people discover life in all its fullness, explore the Christian faith and the skills they need to live, learn, work and interact successfully with other people, and engage with the wider world.

We are committed to the highest standards possible to help keep young people safe. The welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults is an absolute priority for the Church.  As such all NYC staff and volunteers are DBS checked and regularly receive safeguarding training and support through the Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Adviser Joanna Van Lachterop – 07458 016884 safeguarding.adviser@carlislediocese.org.uk

Better than sitting at home and more fun than Sunday church.

TORE, 13

Activities and Spaces

NYC is about connecting a generation.  There’s over 1000 young people a month involved. It’s impossible to describe all the groups and activities we run. NYC runs everything from drop-in youth clubs to question spaces, cafe spaces to prayer spaces, schools work to street-based youth work, outdoor activities and indoor sports. There’s stuff happening with young people in halls, churches, cafés, classrooms and bus stops!

I think the best thing was the games and spending time with the people I met last year.

There’s large scale events like Ablaze Now which happen once a year gathering all the young people from across NYC Cumbria,  but even thats being re-imagined. There will be four regional Ablaze events a year to double the amount of young people who can come.

There’s a huge active range of residentials run by NYC teams.  Some happen locally, run by different NYC teams, some are larger residential or trips where two or more NYC regions join together for things like Soul Survivor, or camps. Then there are more day trips than can be listed, visiting places like Jump Mania or Bassenthwaite Activity Centre.

Let’s Connect

What We’re About

We’re all about bringing young people together. You can find out more about what NYC is up to by getting in touch with your nearest NYC worker. But if a picture is worth a thousand words you can follow us via any of the social media sites, so join us today and start making new connections!

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It was really fun having conversations, eating sweets and sharing laughs with all of our friends.

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